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    October 21, 2016
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News from Georgia >>

Construction on Georgia’s First Wind Plant Enters Final Stage
Georgia’s first wind power plant – the first wind farm in the Caucasus region – is entering its final stage of construction. A subsidiary of the Georgian Energy Development Fund and Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation has been in  More>>

Bringing farmers together: EU programme organises agriculture fair in southwest Georgia
More than 300 farming cooperatives came together in Georgia for a fair organised as part of the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD). The fair took place in the town of Akhaltsikhe,  More>>

Georgia: EU project presents rural development progress to media
Journalists from different regions in Georgia had the chance to visit three EU-funded agricultural cooperatives as part of the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) on 15-16 September  More>>

EU project identifies forestry potential in Georgia
Experts have identified the best ways to increase forested areas in Georgia, as part of the EU-funded Clima East project. Concluding a study in the Dedoplistskaro district of eastern Georgia, the experts found that the approach to the  More>>

News from Azerbaijan >>

Azerbaijan: new EU package to support education, regional development and justice
The EU has announced a new assistance package to Azerbaijan to support the country’s economic diversification through assistance in financial, economic and judicial governance. A press release said the assistance would focus on  More>>

Ministry of Education, BP launch new project to develop vocational education
The Ministry of Education and BP announced a new partnership as they launched “Development of New Occupations in Agricultural Vocational Education” project on September 22.  More>>

Youth Determined to Stay Connected to Protect Forests
Young foresters have called for a unified approach to preserving Azerbaijan’s forests during an EU-funded trip to the International Junior Forest Contest in Peterhof, Russia on 20 September. Young people from Azerbaijan took part  More>>

“Ecological Laboratory for Kids” Training Dedicated to Seasons and Trees
A training was conducted by IDEA and “Sevimli bala” within the project framework of “Ecological Laboratory for Kids”. The training aimed to raise children’s knowledge on the environment, animals, trees and seasons.  More>>

News from Armenia >>

De-Risking and Scaling-up Investment in Energy Efficient Building Retrofits
The Government of Armenia seeks assistance from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to fund its project on “De-Risking and Scaling-up Investment in Energy Efficient Building Retrofits”  More>>

Community development: making each voice count
For the past year and a half, residents of 16 bordering communities of Tavush region, working together with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Armenia, have been busy assessing the needs of their communities and  More>>

Improving lives for farmers: EU steps up support for rural development in Armenia
The European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) has stepped up its support for farmers and rural areas in Armenia, the EU Delegation in Yerevan announced yesterday. A press release said the  More>>

EU Energy Days: Armenia and EU highlight joint energy efficiency efforts
The EU Delegation to Armenia has invited citizens and stakeholders to explore the impact of EU-funded programmes in the development of renewable, alternative and sustainable energy solutions in Armenia. The EU Energy Days ran a series of  More>>

International News >>

Eastern Partnership youth to build links at human rights conference
Young human rights activists from Armenia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Russia and EU will come together to make stronger links between countries as part of the EU-funded Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum  More>>

More funds are needed for climate change adaptation in transboundary basins
Effectively adapting water management to climate change will require the allocation of additional funds for transboundary and regional projects, or at least considering transboundary aspects in national projects, where relevant.  More>>

EU pushes for further tightening of wildlife trade rules at global summit on wildlife conservation
The 17th Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES CoP17) will take place between 24 September and 5 October 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa. It provides a forum for Parties to review  More>>

The Earth just permanently passed a symbolic carbon dioxide threshold
In the centuries to come, history books will likely look back on September 2016 as a major milestone for the world’s climate. At a time when atmospheric carbon dioxide is usually at its minimum, the monthly value failed to drop  More>>

UN officials optimistic of Paris climate accord’s entry into force by year’s end
Senior United Nations officials today announced that the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change signed by world leaders this past April is closer to entering into force, as India – a country that produces more than four per cent  More>>

News From CENN >>

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Waste Management in Adjara and Kakheti Released - Within the WMTR Program
Within the framework of the WMTR Program, a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Waste Management Strategies for the Adjara Autonomous Republic and Kakheti Region of Georgia has been released. The report consists of an economic  More>>

WMTR Program Concluded its Summer Eco-Camp Season
The WMTR Program concluded its eco-camp season on September 2. Within the framework of the program, three eco-camps were organized in Mtirala and Lagodekhi national parks from August 15 till September 2. The eco-camps  More>>

Ecomigrant Women in Disveli Start Cheese Production - CENN and RED Promote Rural Development Through Women Empowerment
Since April 2016 the life has slightly changed in the village Disveli (Bolnisi Municipality) where the small cheese enterprise started to produce Sulguni, butter, and a ricotta-like dairy product from local cattle milk.  More>>

Trainings on Composting at Keda and Shuakhevi Municipalities in Adjara A.R Within the WMTR Program
Aiming to assist Adjara AR in developing composting practices, the WMTR team together with a local expert organized training in Keda and Shuakhevi municipalities on September 13 and 14 respectfully. The training was conducted  More>>

One Less Landfill – Gurjaani Landfill is Closed - Within the WMTR Program Framework
Within the framework of the closure plan conducted by the Waste Management Technologies in Regions program, Gurjaani landfill, which has operated since 2000, and was located on a swamp, was closed by the Georgian Solid Waste Management Company  More>>

Workshop with the Representatives of Regional Educational Institutions
On 22–23 September 2016, a workshop was hosted by the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD), within the Empowering Modern Research Practices of Regional Agriculture-Related  More>>

News from the GEF >>

African drylands initiative launched at TICAD summit
A new African initiative to combat desertification and strengthen resilience to climate change in the Sahel and Horn of Africa was launched at TICAD VI in Nairobi last month.  More>>

GEF and ADB: Working together increases impact and innovation
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been eager to work with the GEF since its pilot phase. Initially, its engagement was largely ad hoc through the three GEF Implementing Agencies. Based on this experience, it worked with other  More>>






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