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    June 22, 2018
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News from Georgia >>

EU-supported training seminar on agritourism development in rural Georgia

Over 20 representatives from Georgian micro businesses participated in a training seminar on agritourism development organised in April through the EU4Business initiative.  More>>

Georgia’s Rural Priorities Discussed in Tetritskaro
Representatives of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Ministry of Culture and Sport and Georgian National Tourism Administration informed members  More>>

Georgia’s rural priorities discussed at EU-supported event
Representatives of Georgia’s government met in the town of Tetritskaro on 17 May to discuss the country’s rural development priorities and its progress in introducing and implementing the new concept of rural development.  More>>

Wind farm in Gori successfully generates renewable energy in Georgia
In Gori, around 90 km from Tbilisi, six wind turbines have been steadily generating power for the past two years. Qartli Wind Farm is the first wind farm built in Georgia and the first commercial wind power plant built in the South Caucasus  More>>

News from Azerbaijan >>

Slovenia to share experience in planning and managing technology parks with Azerbaijan
On 14-18 May, representatives of the Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Baku Engineering University will visit Slovenia to learn from the country’s experience in planning and managing technology parks.  More>>

Agricultural Insurance Fund to appear in Azerbaijan
Agricultural Insurance Fund will be established in Azerbaijan, Executive Director of Azerbaijan’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FIMSA) Ibrahim Alishev said at presentation of the bill "On Agricultural Insurance" in Baku on May 23.  More>>

EU, UNDP extend support for vocational education development in Azerbaijan
With the launch of a new, USD 3.4 million project, the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme join forces to strengthen the vocational education and talent development portfolio of Azerbaijan, in line with labour  More>>

Azerbaijan to strengthen control over targeted use of agriculture loans
In order to control the targeted use of loans, the State Service on Management of Agricultural Projects and Credits under the Azerbaijani Ministry of Agriculture will conduct monitoring of loans jointly with authorized credit organizations  More>>

News from Armenia >>

Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings
As part of the joint UNECE-UNDP events “Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings and Appliances: Harmonization and Implementation in UNECE region,” UNDP in Armenia today organized a workshop on “Knowledge sharing on management  More>>

Europe Day celebrations reach Armenian regions – some for the first time
The celebrations for Europe Day 2018 have reached Armenia’s regions. Ijevan marz (region), on 12 May, and Hrazdan, on 13 May, both hosted the pan-European holiday for the first time.  More>>

Plastic waste to be recycled into building materials for the first time in Armenia
Innovations in the contemporary world may make people’s daily lives more convenient, but they can also cause irreversible damage to nature.Plastic bottles, disposable tableware and polyethylene bags are proof of this. According to the  More>>

EU’s Green Energy Project helps fight poverty in Armenia
Armenia is making its first steps in the field of green energy. If we consider the country’s geographical location and high levels of sunshine, solar energy in particular can be an excellent solution for local communities who still face problems  More>>

International News >>

Bees could benefit from new EU rules on three insecticides
The European Union’s top court recently backed an almost complete EU-wide ban on the use of three insecticides, which studies have linked to declining bee populations.  More>>

More Governments Taking Up Carbon Pricing and Seeing Big Benefits in Revenues: World Bank Report
Governments at national and subnational levels around the world continue to prepare for, and implement, carbon pricing initiatives as a means to curb their emissions while raising revenues, a new World Bank report finds.  More>>

A phase shift in sustainable resource management
Efficient production and supply of energy and raw material resources are vital to attaining the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Making resource development activities sustainable  More>>

Single-use plastics: New EU rules to reduce marine litter
With the amount of harmful plastic litter in oceans and seas growing ever greater, the European Commission is proposing new EU-wide rules to target the 10 single-use plastic products most often found on Europe's beaches and seas  More>>

News From CENN >>

The Interested Parties Discussed WASH Priorities and Needs in the Region
Regional Stakeholder meeting of the project “Water for the Poor” funded by Delegation of the European Union to Georgia (the EU) was held on 27th of April, 2018 in Lagodekhi municipality. The EU, in close cooperation with the Government  More>>

EU-supported Training on Organizational Management for LAG Board Members was held in Keda
On May 11-13, 13 LAG board members from Keda municipality of Ajara, participated in the EU-supported training “organizational management”. The workshop, carried out under the EU’s ENPARD project “Optimizing the Potential of Local  More>>

WASH Councils were Established in Kvemo Kartli
From 1-4 May 2018, CENN conducted meetings in Kvemo Kartli Municipalities (Dmanisi, Tetritskaro, Marneuli and Tsalka), where WASH councils were established through the participatory approach. The councils include local residents  More>>

Modern Standards for Pruning and Shaping Trees in Tbilisi
A training prepared by the Professionals’ Association for the Future of Trees included both theoretical and practical studies and was aimed at mastering the techniques of maintenance, care, pruning and shaping trees in the urban area  More>>

The Amount of Plastic Waste Worldwide
People regularly use plastic items that are often dispensable that quickly turn into waste. Judging from the amount of plastic waste generated by an individual, it is difficult to picture the overall scale of negative effects resulting from the improper  More>>

Trainings at Eco-hubs: Green Specialist – A Profession that Fits You
CENN, in cooperation with the New Technology Center, continues conducting trainings for school students: Green Specialist – a profession that fits you.  More>>

Join Us to Keep Georgia Beautiful
The Agency for Sports Development and Support of Gori Municipality is a Devoted Ambassador of the Keep Georgia Beautiful campaign. Sportsmen joined the campaign on December 12 and have since been actively involved in keeping Gorijvari  More>>

A Series of Trainings about Waste Management Challenges and Opportunities Continue
Waste Management Technology in Regions, Phase II (WMTR II), implemented by CENN with the support of USAID, continues to conduct training sessions concerning waste management at schools in Tbilisi. During the period of May 15-17  More>>

International Support for the Restoration of Edible Chestnut Forest Stands
The Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia resumed the restoration of chestnut groves in the region of Imereti, utilizing CENN’s international expertise.  More>>

On May 18, Europe Day was celebrated in Keda
Guests who attended the event were able to be acquainted with local handmade items, paintings and thematic works were performed by schoolchildren, and information corners from the projects in Keda municipality, guesthouses, local folk  More>>

Gori State Teaching University became a Devoted Ambassador of Keep Georgia Beautiful
On May 24, Gori State Teaching University became a Devoted Ambassador of the Keep Georgia Beautiful campaign. Gori University students and staff cleaned up and took on the responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness of the Kaklebi  More>>

Let’s End Plastic Pollution Together
World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide on June 5. This year, countries of the world unite against Earth’s plastic waste pollution. According to current data, there will be more waste than fish in the oceans by 2050. In order to put  More>>

News from the GEF >>

More than 100 countries meet to protect global environment
The Sixth Assembly of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), set up to help tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental problems, will take place from June 27-28, 2018 at the Furama International Conference Center in Da Nang, Vietnam  More>>

Sprint to 2020: Getting deforestation out of commodities - how far are we from the finishing line?
Deforestation is contributing irrefutably to climate change, putting natural resources and livelihoods at risk. With two years left to deliver on the goal of zero commodity-driven deforestation by 2020, delegates from the private sector  More>>






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