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    April 21, 2018
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News from Georgia >>

The Green Shoots of Growth in Georgia: Hydroponic Farming with EU Support

Growing Georgian vegetables by employing the latest European technologies – this is the motto of Imereti Greenery, a Dutch-Georgian enterprise located in western Georgia, which has benefited from EU support for its development  More>>

Georgia: EU supports energy efficient construction project in Tbilisi
On 10 January, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development announced the allocation of a ˆ28 million loan for the modernisation and rehabilitation of the Enguri hydro power plant, the largest electricity supplier in Georgia.  More>>

EU-supported conference in Georgia on role of women on economic growth and policy development
On 27 March, over 200 participants from government, civil society, the private sector and international bodies gathered in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi to participate in a four-day conference on ‘Women’s Role in Economic Growth and Policy Development’  More>>

EU4Business supports Georgian hazelnut growers to meet global demand
The production of hazelnuts constitutes a major part of Georgian agriculture. As one of the country’s top 10 export commodities, they provide a source of income for more than 50,000 farmers and dozens of processing facilities. The subtropical  More>>

News from Azerbaijan >>

Taking Collaborative Action on Climate Change
In Azerbaijan, the leading source of carbon dioxide, the heat-trapping greenhouse gas (GHG) that has severely driven recent global warming is associated with the oil and gas sector, the main driver of national economy. Carbon emissions  More>>

Azerbaijan's agriculture sector needs large cooperatives
The process of creating large farms and agrarian cooperatives, initiated by the Azerbaijani leadership, will positively impact the development of the country's agriculture, the former agriculture minister of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  More>>

Lakes on Absheron peninsula to be restored
Azerbaijan’s Tamiz Shahar JSC plans to start design work by mid-2018 within the second phase of the Lake Boyukshor restoration, Chairman of the Board of Tamiz Shahar JSC Etibar Abbasov said at a press conference in Baku March 13  More>>

New ADB strategy to promote inclusive development in Azerbaijan
The new partnership strategy of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with Azerbaijan will promote inclusive development in the country, Head of the ADB Azerbaijan Office Nariman Mannapbekov said in an interview  More>>

News from Armenia >>

EU supports women-led dried fruit and herb producers in rural communities in Armenia
The Georgian real estate developer m2 has received the support of the EU in its efforts to build energy efficient apartment buildings in Tbilisi. During her recent visit to Georgia, Ms. Katarina Mathernova, Deputy Director-General for Neighbourhood  More>>

Armenian community starts growing buckwheat thanks to EU
Buckwheat is now being produced in Armenia thanks to the EU-funded European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD). But what will the production of buckwheat do for Armenian communities  More>>

EU4Energy: Experts learn about use of data for evidence-based policies at International Energy Agency training
The International Energy Agency (IEA) held a week-long training event on monthly energy data in the Ukrainian town of Odesa on 12-16 March.  More>>

Development of Armenia’s Fourth National Communication to the UNFCCC and Second Biennial Update Report
The results of the “Development of Armenia’s Fourth National Communication to the UNFCCC and Second Biennial Update Report” UNDP-GEF Project were presented at the Meeting of the Inter-agency Coordinating Council on Climate Change  More>>

International News >>

UN Environment calls on governments and business to promote, protect and respect environmental rights
UN Environment is taking a stand against the ongoing threats, intimidation, harassment, and murder of environmental defender  More>>

World looks to nature-based solutions for urgent water challenges
As more than 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and more than double that number lack access to safe sanitation  More>>

Historic agreement signed to protect the world’s largest tropical peatland
In an unprecedented move to protect the Cuvette Centrale region in the Congo Basin, the world’s largest tropical peatlands  More>>

Clean Air for a Sustainable Future – UNECE Air Convention community discusses prospects for further action
Air pollution is not only a regional issue, but it affects countries worldwide and emissions from one country  More>>

News From CENN >>

EU-supported Training on Leadership and Team Building for LAG Board Members was held in Keda
On February 27 – March 1, 15 LAG board members from Keda municipality of Adjara, participated in the EU-supported training “Leadership and Team building”. The workshop, carried out under the EU’s ENPARD project “Optimizing the Potential  More>>

Improving Thermal Insulation Through the Use of Plastic Waste
Constructing energy-efficient houses contributes to saving energy and mitigating adverse environmental impacts. Increasing energy efficiency in Georgia is critically important in the villages where, based on the current social and economic situation  More>>

World Water Day
This year’s theme is The theme for World Water Day 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’, which explores the nature-based mechanisms to solve today’s water challenges.  More>>

Reasons, Consequences and Possible Solutions of Littering
Littering can be defined as making a place or area untidy with rubbish, or incorrectly disposing waste. Littering causes pollution, a major threat to the environment, and has increasingly become a cause for concern in many countries. As human  More>>

The First Ever Waste Separation Corner was Opened in Metro City in Batumi
On March 28 at 16:00 PM, the first ever waste separation corner opened in Metro City in Batumi. From this point forward, Metro City ñconsumers, staff and Batumi residents in general will have the opportunity to bring and deposit separated waste  More>>

News from the GEF >>

International Day of Forests 2018: Halting deforestation in the Amazon
Twenty years ago, the fate of the Amazonian rainforest was a cause celebre – and many environmentalists believed it to be a lost one. After decades of rapid deforestation, peaking in the 1990s, prophets of doom were beginning to draft obituaries  More>>

World Water Day 2018: Water for nature
Earlier this week, a new UN report issued a dire warning saying that 3.6 billion people, or half the world's population, already live in areas where water can be scarce for at least one month a year. Projections are that this number could go  More>>






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