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News From Azerbaijan >>
>> UN supported beach cleanup campaign dedicated to "Caspian Day" in Baku
>> FAO report offers hope for improved food value chains in Azerbaijan
>> Azerbaijan launches production of center pivot irrigation systems

31.8.2018 UN supported beach cleanup campa

UN supported beach cleanup campaign dedicated to "Caspian Day" in Baku


Source:, 2018-08-11

In marking 12 August, the "Caspian Day" in Azerbaijan, a number of the United Nations agencies have gathered to organise a beach cleanup day in the Buzovna beach area today. Partnering with Government and environmentally conscious civil society actors, the UN family joined the cleaning of the seafront from plastic and other waste. This planet-saving campaign has resulted in 5 hectares of land being cleared of waste and, consequently, 10 cubic metres of waste being sorted.

The event was co-hosted by the UN Office in Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the Child and Youth Development Centre under the Ministry of Education, the resident company of Balakhani Industrial Park "AzEkol" LLC and the "EkoSfera" Public Union.

The beach cleaning initiative has brought together some 100 government officials, representatives of the United Nations agencies, and a broader scope of stakeholders, including a number of notable media outlets.

The aim of the event was to increase public awareness of environmental hazards and the importance of protecting the Caspian seashores from harmful waste. The joint initiative pursued to incentivise the broader groups of the population to take part in bettering ecological conditions of the Caspian Sea and the coastal zone as well as to strengthen civic engagement and the cooperation in this area.

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31.8.2018 FAO report offers hope for impro

FAO report offers hope for improved food value chains in Azerbaijan


Source:, 2018-08-24

The Soviet Union collapsed nearly 30 years ago, but its effects linger in the fragmented farm structures and market channels that plague food value chains throughout Europe and Central Asia.

A series of FAO publications is dedicated to improving this issue by revealing a path forward to a system that is both sustainable and socially inclusive. It does that by taking stock of the regions current practices, country by country, and nudging them towards the Sustainable Food Value Chain (SFVC) approach, which can offer pathways to relieving millions of poor households from poverty.

The writers of the publication on Azerbaijan, FAO economists John OConnell and Zoltan Hradszky, used a value chain gap analysis method to assess the business-enabling environment surrounding the development of agrifood value chains in that country and identified the value chain gaps in the crop and livestock sectors.

Using the organic honey value chain as a case study, the authors investigated the crop and livestock sectors in Azerbaijan, looking at such aspects as regulatory frameworks, state support measures and donor-funded activities.

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31.8.2018 Azerbaijan launches production o

Azerbaijan launches production of center pivot irrigation systems


Source:, 2018-08-28

Sumgait Technologies Park (STP) in Azerbaijan has launched production of center pivot irrigation systems using own technologies, the STP
The experience of leading companies of the US was studied during the production of the equipment.

Pivot technology is a modern irrigation method that allows companies and entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture to save water, the STP said.

The pivot irrigation system prevents soil salinization, provides optimal moisture during the growing season, which increases the yield several times.

All components of the system are manufactured and assembled at the Sumgait Technologies Park.





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