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>> Empowering women is powerful: women drive rural and urban development
>> Towards a knowledge-based economy
>> United Nations supports beach clean-up campaign in Azerbaijan
>> FAO supports Azerbaijan in strengthening phytosanitary inspection and diagnostic services

30.6.2018 EU project discusses river basin

Empowering women is powerful: women drive rural and urban development


Source:, 2018-06-06

The past decade has seen a steady and upward growth in Azerbaijan, as both the economic, financial and social wellbeing of the country has significantly improved, extreme poverty was eradicated and the level of absolute poverty decreased from 49% to 5%. Moreover, school enrolment rates reached 99.8-100% and progress was made on gender equality and womenĺs empowerment. Gender gaps in primary and secondary education have dropped considerably in comparison with previous years. During this time, employment opportunities have also seen a significant rise, as numerous new business openings were introduced both in the capital Baku and in the regions.

However, despite all the progressive developments, the unemployment rate among women in Azerbaijan continues to be remarkably higher than among men. Oftentimes faced with segregation in a number of industries and occupations, women tend to be primarily employed in low-wage sectors traditionally regarded as Ĺfemaleĺ jobs, such as in education, health and social services. Disparities are also observed in the level of menĺs and womenĺs participation in entrepreneurial activity, with women comprising only 26.38 % of the countryĺs total number of entrepreneurs.


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30.6.2018 Towards a knowledge-based econom

Towards a knowledge-based economy


Source:, 2018-06-06

The European Union, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) announce their continued support for the enhancement of vocational education and development capacity in Azerbaijan, as part of the EU-funded initiative on ĹModernising Vocational Education and Training (VET) Centres in Azerbaijanĺ. The vocational education and training (VET) system agenda for Azerbaijanĺs southern region was launched today at the project kick-off meeting held in Jalilabad.

Framing the agenda in his opening remarks, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Azerbaijan Alessandro Fracassetti spoke of the pivotal significance of local talent as essential leaders in the development of a knowledge-based economy. He emphasised that ôit is important that we continue to drive success in our education systems, but it is also important that we look to global trends and mainstream success in the education sector to provide progressively cultivated and refined curriculums to strengthen employability.ö

Through a dual track approach, the ventures will strengthen the physical infrastructure, technical foundation, training and operational capacities of the Jalilabad Vocational Lyceum by converting it to a modern Regional VET Centre of Excellence in the Lankaran Economic Region, with focus on occupations in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors. This will match to the demands of the local labour market, reinforce the importance of public-private partnerships and cooperation and relate replicable models to bridge education to employment.


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30.6.2018 United Nations supports beach cl

United Nations supports beach clean-up campaign in Azerbaijan


Source:, 2018-06-10

Some 300 youth activists, representatives of UN agencies in Azerbaijan, civil society and private sector collected about five tons of plastic and other types of waste during the beach clean-up campaign conducted on the shores of the Buzovna beach in capital Baku.

The event was part of the UN-supported Environmental Week in Azerbaijan and organised by the United Nations Office in Baku in collaboration with the IDEA Public Union, Clean City Joint Stock Company and Azerbaijani Youth Foundation.

ôSeeing hundreds of mostly young people supporting todayĺs initiative was truly an inspiration in action, which demonstrated their care for protection of the environment,ö said Ghulam Isaczai, UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan, who also joined the cleanup initiative along with other 35 staff members of UN agencies operating in the country.

ôMore such actions are needed to raise awareness and mobilise citizens of the country towards a drastic reduction of single-use plastic,ö he added.

The participants collected plastics, such as bottles, straws and cutlery, as well as cans, cigarette butts and other types of waste and submitted them to the Clean City state agency for recycling.

The beach clean-up aimed to support the theme of the World Environmental Day for 2018 ľ ôBeat Plastic Pollutionö. The theme invites to consider how we can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution on our natural places, our wildlife and our own health.

30.6.2018 FAO supports Azerbaijan in stren

FAO supports Azerbaijan in strengthening phytosanitary inspection and diagnostic services


Source:, 2018-06-21

A three-day training session on basic inspection and pest diagnostics of plants and plant products has brought together some 30 inspectors from the State Phytosanitary Control Service under the Agriculture Ministry of Azerbaijan (SPCS), Food Safety Agency and the State Customs Committee (SCC).

The course, organised by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), aims to strengthen the national capacities in phytosanitary inspection techniques corresponding to international standards, provide comprehensive information related to the pest quarantine list of Azerbaijan, as well as describe specific pests and plant diseases to participants.

The event is part of the project on strengthening phytosanitary inspection and diagnostic services in Azerbaijan, which is funded by the Standards Trade Development Facility of the World Trade Organization and implemented in the country from February 2016. It focuses on improvement of phytosanitary control in three directions: control of imported and exported plants and plant products, as well as pest diagnostics in the laboratories.

FAO have already organized similar training sessions in June 2016 and April 2017, and inspectors from SPCS and SCC have significantly benefited from these activities. These events also helped to reduce the risks of pest dissemination, secure the plant health in the country and promote wider export of Azerbaijani plants and plant products to other countries.


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