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>> EU and partners launch energy efficiency project in Georgia
>> EU to support hazelnut, fruit juice and tea value chain development in Georgia
>> Energy efficiency and green energy to receive more EU support in Georgia

31.7.2018 EU and partners launch energy ef

EU and partners launch energy efficiency project in Georgia


Source:, 2018-07-05

The NEFCO Fund and the Ministry of Finance of Georgia have today signed loan and grant agreements as part of the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P). The agreements are aimed at financing energy efficiency measures as well as introducing renewables and alternative sources of energy supply in public buildings in Georgia. The total investment for the project is 5.14 million, co-financed by NEFCO, the E5P to which the EU is the biggest donor and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The project will help Georgia to comply with some of its commitments within the EU Association Agreement, including the implementation of energy reforms.

In total, 25 public buildings with different functions such as schools, kindergartens and municipality administration offices located in three different climate zones in Georgia will be included in the project. The planned energy efficiency measures will generate annual cost savings of approximately 200,000 for the Government of Georgia and the expected annual CO2 reductions are approximately 1,300 tonnes. Furthermore, up to 10,000 people, mainly children, teachers and public employees, will benefit from upgraded buildings and better conditions.

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EU to support hazelnut, fruit juice and tea value chain development in Georgia


Source:, 2018-07-06

A new project funded by the EU as part of the EU4Business initiative will help connect Georgian agro-processing companies with the European market.

The project Eastern Partnership: Ready to Trade an EU4Business initiative aims to improve the competitiveness of Georgias small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to connect them to international and EU markets.

The project implementation started in March with an SME survey from the agro-processing sector, conducted in cooperation with the Export Development Association.

Based on the results of the survey, as well as the findings of the project inception phase, three value chains hazelnut, fruit juice and tea have been prioritised for project assistance in view of their export potential to the EU.

The survey results show that 49% of surveyed companies are already exporting to the EU and 37% have expressed interest in entering the EU market.

31.7.2018 Energy efficiency and green ener

Energy efficiency and green energy to receive more EU support in Georgia


Source:, 2018-07-23

The Green for Growth Fund (GGF), which is part of the EU4Energy initiative, has provided a senior loan of USD 1.5 million to a new partner in Georgia, JSC MFO Crystal (Crystal), to expand green energy lending in Georgia.

The largest microfinance organisation in the country, Crystal primarily serves microentrepreneurs and farmers, with a strong focus on rural and energy-efficiency improvements. In 2017 it also pioneered financing for solar energy systems in remote areas.

Thanks to the new GGF funding, to which the EU is a contributor along with other international donors, households and farmers would be able to improve their carbon footprint and save energy. Measures financed through the loan are expected to result in annual primary energy savings of over 2,600 MWh and reduce CO2 by approximately 910 metric tons per year. The GGF will also support Crystal in measuring and promoting green impact, developing energy-efficiency products, and raising green energy awareness among its client sector.





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