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CENN Electronic Bulletin, February 2019
News From Georgia

Georgia: EU launches rural development project in Akhmeta municipality

In the last three months, over 100 representatives of regional and national media outlets attended workshops on environmental, social and economic issues in the Georgian cities of Kakheti, Borjomi and Adjara. The seminars focused on waste manage

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14 thousand rural residents to benefit from new community centres in Ambrolauri and Marneuli municipalities

14 thousand people will enjoy easier access to public and business services once two new Community Centres open in the regions of Kvemo Kartli and Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti. The community centres in the villages of Kachaghani, Marneuli

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EU and Government of Georgia raise awareness of media on waste management issues in the country

In the last three months, over 100 representatives of regional and national media outlets attended workshops on environmental, social and economic issues in the Georgian cities of Kakheti, Borjomi and Adjara. The seminars focused on waste manage

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Georgia kicks off USD 70 million programme to prevent natural disasters

The programme was officially set in motion on 19 February 2019 by the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze, who noted that the climate adaptation programme marks a transformational shift in Georgia’s approach to climate hazards

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News From Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan plans to modernize forest management system

Azerbaijan plans to modernize its forest management system and the national forestry policy, said Sadig Salmanov, head of unit of the Forest Development Department at the Azerbaijani Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Trend reports. &nbs

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UNDP, UNFPA sign programme to improve livelihoods of women, people with disabilities and war veterans

A two-year programme set to improve the livelihoods and well-being of up to 3,000 women with disabilities and veterans of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was signed today by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population of Azerbai

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News From Armenia

FAO Supports Food Loss and Waste Reduction in Armenia

On 27 February, 2019 some forty participants gathered today to discuss and validate a strategic roadmap for food loss and waste prevention and reduction in Armenia that was developed on the basis of participants’ recommendations and the re

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Armenia: EU support empowering young people in Gyumri

On 23 February, the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, visited a Youth House in the Armenian city of Gyumri, where he met the young people who use the house. The centre offers young people in the city aged between

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UK Good Governance Fund Supports Project Empowering Women and Youth in Armenia

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Armenia, in partnership with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development and OxYGen Foundation and with funding from the UK Good Governance Fund launched the “Women in Politics&

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EU programme facilitates discussion on equitable access to water supply and sanitation in Armenia

On 19 February, Armenian water and health experts and policy makers met in the country’s capital of Yerevan to discuss the results of a baseline analysis for setting national targets under the UNECE/WHO Europe Protocol on Water and Health

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International News

New UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration offers unparalleled opportunity for job creation, food security and addressing climate change

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, declared today by the UN General Assembly, aims to massively scale up the restoration of degraded and destroyed ecosystems as a proven measure to fight the climate crisis and enhance food security, water s

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Call for strengthened governance to improve the social and environmental outcomes of mining

The mining sector, if carefully managed, presents enormous opportunities for advancing sustainable development, particularly in low-income countries, the International Resource Panel says in its latest report. The Panel calls for an internationa

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UNECE taking on the food loss and waste challenge

Food loss and waste occurs throughout the entire supply chain, from production to consumer, at almost every node of the chain. The gigantic amount of 1.6 billion tonnes of food worth USD 1.2 trillion is lost every year, according to FAO. The Bos

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News From CENN

WASH and Human Rights Media Tour

From 13-14 February 2019 national and regional journalists undertook extensive media tour about Water, Sanitation and Hygiene as a human right. The first day of the event took place in Bulachauri Green Centre. The training included the topics ab

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ENPARD Partner CENN hosted a Second Steering Committee Meeting under the EU-supported project “Keda LEADER”

On 7 February 2019, representatives of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, Ministry of Agriculture of Ajara AR and ENPARD implementing partners gathered at the second Steering Committee meeting organised by ENPARD

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ENPARD Partner Organization CENN hosted a Workshop for EU-supported GALAG Environmental Group

On 5-6 February 2019, ENPARD partner CENN conducted an intensive workshop for the representatives of the EU-supported GALAG (Georgian Association of Local Action Groups) Environmental Group at Bulachauri Green Centre. The aim of the workshop was

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News from the GEF

Towards a “Great Food Transformation”

Unsustainable food systems are threatening human health and environmental sustainability. We need to change the way we farm—and our diets. There are more of us, we’re getting wealthier, and we’re demanding more protein-rich foo

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Financing environmental priorities: how recipient countries are taking centerstage in delivering GEF-7 strategy

Over the last six months in more than 20 countries, government ministries, GEF implementing agencies, and other stakeholders including academics, the private sector and NGOs have gathered with representatives from the GEF Secretariat for co

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