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News From Georgia

EU programme for agriculture and rural development discusses gender issues in Georgian agriculture

Gender, agriculture and rural development in Georgia was the main topic of a discussion that recently took place in the country between stakeholders and implementing partners of the EU-supported European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture a

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Georgia: EU promotes youth engagement in rural development

On 14 October, over 150 young people from five municipalities of Georgia’s Autonomous Republic of Adjara took part in a youth forum to discuss issues related to youth leadership in rural areas. As part of the forum, young people came up wi

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EU-supported report on gender in rural Georgia highlights continuing inequalities despite progress

A new gender assessment report entitled “Gender, Agriculture and Rural Development in Georgia” was recently presented in Georgia as part of an EU-funded project. The report explores existing gender inequalities in agriculture, their

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EU, in partnership with UNDP, promotes cooperation between Local Action Groups and Government of Georgia

Up to 30 representatives of the EU-supported Local Action Groups (LAGs) from eight municipalities of Georgia, Georgian Association of Local Action Groups (GALAG) and civil society organizations met with the Ministry of Environmental Protection a

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News From Azerbaijan

Strengthening regional partnership in focus of Baku Forum for Sustainable Development

Strengthening the regional partnership for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the focus of the first Baku Forum for Sustainable Development.  The event has brought together over 200 participants from some 30 c

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Azerbaijan: EU expert mission on economic modelling for agricultural sector

On 22–26 October, an expert from Hungary visited Azerbaijan to meet with representatives of the country’s Agriculture Ministry and provided them with an introduction to economic modelling of the agricultural sector, including methods

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World Food Day is celebrated in Baku

An event dedicated to World Food Day was organised by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), IDEA Public Union, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency

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News From Armenia

FAO and WFP Mark the World Food Day

Secondary school #1 in Vedi was crowded today. There were Armenian national dance and singing performances, and happy faces and high mood everywhere. This is how the first World Food Day 2018 event in Armenia unfolded today that will be followed

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EU4Energy: Initiative helps install solar panels on apartment blocks in Yerevan

Solar panels are to be installed on the rooftops of 90 apartment blocks in the Armenian capital of Yerevan under the “EU4Yerevan Solar Community” programme. Implemented by the Yerevan Municipality, the programme is organised under th

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New Regulations for Solar and Wind Stations

The Public Service Regulatory Committee has reached a decision, which says that it is planned to issue relevant licenses for the construction and operation power plants up to 5 MW capacity, for solar power plant till 31 December 2019 with aggreg

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International News

EU and its Eastern Partners strengthen cooperation on environment, circular economy and climate action

On 9 October, the second Eastern Partnership (EaP) formal ministerial meeting on environment and climate change took place in Luxembourg. The EU and the Eastern Partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova an

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EU water management project helps improve ground water monitoring capacities in Eastern Neighbourhood countries

The groundwater monitoring teams of the responsible institutions in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova are being trained in taking groundwater samples. The training seminars have been organised by the European Unio

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Scaling up climate finance in Asia-Pacific through Financial Centres for Sustainability

Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S) today launched its Asia-Pacific Centre, one of several important steps taken to scale up the financing required for climate action and sustainable development, at the 2nd meeting of the global network.

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Pioneering global framework for sustainable ocean finance launched at Our Ocean global summit

The world’s first global framework to finance a sustainable ocean economy was launched at the Our Ocean conference today. The Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles were developed by the European Commission, WWF, World Resources Insti

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A line in the sand’ – Global Commitment to eliminate plastic pollution at the source

A Global Commitment to eradicate plastic waste and pollution at the source has been signed by 250 organisations including many of the world’s largest packaging producers, brands, retailers and recyclers, as well as governments and NGOs. Th

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News From CENN

Paper Waste Collection Competition for Schools

  The USAID Program, Waste Management Technology in Regions, Phase II (USAID WMTR II/ CENN), has announced a paper waste collection competition for schools in the regions of Kakheti, Adjara, Shida Kartli and the city of Tbilisi.   A gr

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Keda Municipality Joins the EU initiative “Mayors for Economic Growth”

Within the framework of the Keda Local Action Group initiative, Keda Municipality joined the EU initiative “Mayors for Economic Growth.” Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) is a new initiative of the European Union, which began operati

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Public Lecture on Circular Economy

On October 23-25, a Dutch expert in circular economy and sustainable development, Maayke Aimée Damen, visited Tbilisi within the framework of the USAID WMTR II program, implemented by CENN. Maayke presented about specific examples concern

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Recycling Waste is Already Possible in Tbilisi!

With the support of USAID/ WMTR II program, implemented by CENN, it is already possible to recycle paper, plastic PET bottles, aluminum and glass waste at 10 locations in Tbilisi. Find the convenient separation stand location for you on the map

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Plastic Bags Less Than 15 Microns have been Prohibited in Georgia since October 1

According to the Technical Regulation of the Government of Georgia, plastic bags that are less than 15 microns thick will be banned beginning October 1, 2018. Furthermore, selling, importing, and producing plastic bags will be prohibited startin

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EU-supported Training on Business Planning for LAG members was held in Keda

On September 28-30, 21 LAG members from Keda municipality of Ajara, participated in the EU-supported training “Business Planning”. The activity, carried out under the EU’s ENPARD project “Optimizing the Potential of Local

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Global Handwashing Day at Velispiri Public School

"With Clean Hands into the Bright Future" was the motto for celebrating Global Handwashing Day at the Ekvtime Takaishvili School in the village of Velispiri. The event was organized by CENN, which school students, Dmanisi municipality representa

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Opportunities to Purchase Recycled Paper or Recycled Paper Products

If you care for the environment and desire to save natural resources, this news is for you. USAID/WMTR II program partner and social enterprise, Green Gift, offers to produce different types of recycled paper: wrapping paper, bookmarks, notebook

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Young Volunteers Raise Awareness to Maintain a Clean Environment

With the support of USAID, the WMTR II program and Friends Bridge “Kartlos” young volunteers walk the Gori streets to inform those who litter that this kind of behavior is punished by law and includes fining those who litter on the s

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Travel Without Waste

The USAID/WMTR II program, implemented by CENN, cleaned up Wissol Group’s relaxing stop on Gori-Tbilisi highway, together with Wissol Group and Gori State Teaching University. The event took place under Wissol’s newly launched campai

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Keda Local Action Group Study Visit to Austria

On 15-20 October, 2018, LAG board members from the Keda Municipality of Ajara participated in a study-tour. The activity, carried out under the EU’s ENPARD project, Keda LEADER, was organized  by the Austrian Institute for Regional St

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Natural Disaster Risk Assessment Methodology and Mitigation Measures

On 25 October, 2018, CENN organized a meeting on "Natural Disaster Risk Assessment Methodology and Mitigation Measures” within the framework of the project, "Fostering New Technologies for Sustainable Forest Governance in Georgia”, i

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News from the GEF

GEF increases funding to combat illegal wildlife trade

Tens of millions more dollars are to be devoted to the worldwide battle to beat the illegal wildlife trade, which is reaching unparalleled levels, endangering iconic species and human livelihoods alike. The Global Environment Facility (GEF) will

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Fast-tracking a zero waste economy: more governments and business leaders commit to circular economy action

Denmark, Japan, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates have committed to joining a major global initiative to redesign the global “take-make-dispose” economy into a more circular one. They join over 50 government and business l

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