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23. 03. 2023

Georgia With the Support of IUCN and ADC is Considering the Need to Create a Special Drought Response Plan and Service

Source: http://www.cenn.org/georgia-with-the-support-of-iucn-and-adc-is-considering-the-need-to-create-a-special-drought-response-plan-and-service/

The two-day seminar was held in cooperation with CENN and the World Union for Conservation of Nature, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.

At the workshop, state, civil and international organizations agreed on the need to create special drought management systems, which, through complex measures and nature-based solutions (NBS), should reduce the frequency and severity of droughts and increase the resilience of natural and urban environments to drought.

Given the nature of the drought, responding to it requires a combination of emergency and complex measures. Drought is largely attributed to meteorological and climatic phenomena, but there is evidence that land degradation significantly increases the negative effects of drought. Land management fundamentally affects soil structure, which determines its physical, chemical and biological properties. Consequently, it affects the hydrologic cycle, including water infiltration, soil water retention, surface runoff, and groundwater recharge. This fact has a direct impact on the ecological cost of water and land productivity.

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