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CENN Bulletin March, 2023
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27. 03. 2023

Exhibition in Tbilisi Highlights Impact of Climate Change on the Most Vulnerable

Source: https://euneighbourseast.eu/news/latest-news/eu4climate-exhibition-in-tbilisi-highlights-impact-of-climate-change-on-the-most-vulnerable/

On March 18-19, the ‘Climate Basics’ non-governmental organisation and the ‘Collective Failure’ group of artists organised a group exhibition supported by the European Union and UNDP as part of the EU4Climate programme.

Through various mediums such as installations, paintings, textile art, video art and performance art, the ‘Landscapes of the Invisible’ exhibition demonstrated how climate change deepens existing inequalities and increases the vulnerability of socially marginalised groups.

The exhibition featured works by artists and activists, including Davit Kukhalashvili, Natia Sapanadze, Philip Grechulevich, Salomeya Bauer, Wer Michelle, Tutasay, Nina’s Art, Nika Museridze, and Zoya Baboo. Most of the artworks have been specifically created for this project.

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