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    July 17, 2018
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News from Georgia >>

Parliamentary Action for SDGs Kicks off in Georgia

The Parliament of Georgia joins hands with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Government of Sweden and Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to introduce effective tools for monitoring and implementing the SDGs.  More>>

Promoting Rural Development in Georgia
The meeting was organised by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, supported by the European Union (EU) in partnership with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and People in Need Mission in Georgia (PiN).  More>>

EU project discusses river basin management in Georgia
The development of a river basin management plan (RBMP) in the Alazani River Basin was the focus of a workshop held in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi on 5 June.  More>>

EU and Georgia launch two large-scale projects to support sustainable rural development
On 15 June, the EU and Georgia launched two large-scale projects for rural development and sustainable agriculture under the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD).  More>>

Georgian farmers discuss opportunities and challenges of the EU-Georgia Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area
Around 50 farmers from all over Georgia met in the countryĺs capital of Tbilisi on 15 June to discuss the opportunities and challenges for the countryĺs food and agriculture sector as a result of the EU-Georgia Deep and DCFTA  More>>

News from Azerbaijan >>

Empowering women is powerful: women drive rural and urban development
The past decade has seen a steady and upward growth in Azerbaijan, as both the economic, financial and social wellbeing of the country has significantly improved, extreme poverty was eradicated and the level of absolute poverty decreased  More>>

Towards a knowledge-based economy
The European Union, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) announce their continued support for the enhancement of vocational education and development capacity in Azerbaijan, as part of the EU-funded  More>>

United Nations supports beach clean-up campaign in Azerbaijan
Some 300 youth activists, representatives of UN agencies in Azerbaijan, civil society and private sector collected about five tons of plastic and other types of waste during the beach clean-up campaign conducted on the shores of the Buzovna  More>>

FAO supports Azerbaijan in strengthening phytosanitary inspection and diagnostic services
A three-day training session on basic inspection and pest diagnostics of plants and plant products has brought together some 30 inspectors from the State Phytosanitary Control Service under the Agriculture Ministry of Azerbaijan (SPCS),  More>>

News from Armenia >>

Armenia on the way to better air quality management, with help from UNECE
Knowing where air pollutant emissions are coming from is important to make viable policy decisions. While air quality in the UNECE region has improved over the past few decades as a result of integrated air pollution management strategies  More>>

2nd Forum of Energy Efficient Municipalities
In the frames of SEW, together with the Union of Communities of Armenia and Foundation to Save Energy, ô2nd Forum of Energy Efficient Municipalities: Sustainable Energy Development Prospects in Armenian Communitiesö took place  More>>

Armenia is amongst the countries to present its VNR in 2018
On June 13, a discussion with civil society organizations over the draft Armenia voluntary national review (VNR), facilitated by the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UN Armenia took place at UN Armenia Office  More>>

Armeniaĺs Second Biennial Update Report is submitted to the UNFCCC Secretaria
Armenia has submitted its Second Biennial Update Report (BUR2) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat. The BUR2 has been developed by the RA Ministry of Nature Protection with the funding  More>>

EU4Energy: Pioneer project in Armenia to make kindergartens energy efficient and resilient to earthquakes
Almost 150 kindergartens in Armenia will benefit from a ł5 million grant from the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P), to which the European Union is the largest contributor. The project is implemented  More>>

International News >>

Land degradation: New EU measures for water reuse
This year, on the World Day to Combat Desertification and drought, the European Commission turns the spotlight on the value of land, and looks at how to tackle the multiple threats it faces globally and in Europe. New EU measures for safe  More>>

UNFC to help drive smart investments into mineral and energy projects
Improving transboundary water cooperation across the world requires constant dialogue and discussions between countries to exchange good practices, lessons learned and progress achieved. In this regard, on 28-30 May, the second  More>>

UNFC to help drive smart investments into mineral and energy projects
It is recognized that raw materials and energy are the backbones for sustainable development. In a world facing multiple social, climatic and environmental challenges, managing the supply of mineral and energy resources is becoming  More>>

What are businesses doing to turn off the plastic tap?
Faced with the undeniable consequences of a toxic tide of plastic, people around the world are rejecting single-use plastics and pledging to live more sustainably. Governments are acting too: More than 50 countries have signed up to the  More>>

News From CENN >>

An Institutional Model to Improve Forest Sector Policy and Governance
In order to improve and support the operational effectiveness of the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia established as a result of structural and staff changes in the Government of Georgia, CENN involved international  More>>

A Series of Community Development and Forest Trainings
A series of Community Development and Forest trainings were conducted in regions of Georgia with CENNĺs initiative.  More>>

Informational Meetings at Eco-Hubs about the Erasmus+ Youth Program
The Erasmus+ Youth information centre in Georgia, in cooperation with CENN, conducts informational meetings at eco-hubs within the framework of the Erasmus+ Youth program.  More>>

Say NO to Plastic
World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide every year on June 5. This year, countries of the world united against Earthĺs plastic waste pollution. According to current data, there will be more waste than fish in the oceans by 2050  More>>

Drinkable Water, Trash-Free School Yards and Roofed Schools
CENN takes pride in the success achieved by the EU-funded project, Water for the poor, in Kvemo Kartli and is actively cooperating with the municipalities concerning additional priority water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) issues.  More>>

EU Supported Media Tour Took Place in Keda Municipality
On June 12-15, EUĺs partner organisation CENN hosted a media tour in the municipality of Keda, Adjara AR under the EU-supported ENPARD project ôKeda Leader.ö Main objective of the tour was to promote local human and natural potential of Keda  More>>

Green Festival at Krtsanisi Park
Via the festivalĺs educational, music, sports and start-up zones, lovers of active leisure and recreational areas were introduced to interesting and fun activities, such as entertaining environmental games, quizzes with prizes, a flea market  More>>

Keda LAG Developed the First Draft of Local Development Strategy together with Sectoral Groups
From June 4-8, the Keda LAG, under the EU-supported ENPARD programme implemented by CENN, hosted workshops with different sector groups. During the first stage of the workshop  More>>

News from the GEF >>

Transformational change needed to avoid environmental catastrophe
ôTransformational changeö will be needed if humanity is to avoid environmental ôcatastropheö, President David Granger of Guyana today told the closing session of the Global Environment Facility's (GEF) Assembly in Da Nang, Viet Nam. But  More>>


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